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ISA LEARNING SERIES WEBINAR: SIMON BOWEN Friday, April 26, 2024 | 11:00 am — 1:00 pm Eastern Will You Play A Big Enough Business Game In 2024? Make Selling A […]


Friday, April 26, 2024 | 11:00 am — 1:00 pm Eastern

Will You Play A Big Enough Business Game In 2024?

Make Selling A Superpower In Your Business AND One Of The Most Noble Things You Do!

Business certainty can seem like an elusive goal, however one thing has the potential to offer just that – sales-driven revenue certainty.  When the way you sell your solutions to the marketplace are predictable and reliable, a sense of certainty establishes in the business.

Yet selling can seem like a dark art to many people.  You’re told to –

  • Find the problem and aggravate it
  • Use pressure and scarcity and urgency to close deals
  • Position as a “Thought Leader” to drive higher prices

And so many more tactics, tips and tricks that so many of us feel uncomfortable with – especially companies that deliver complex and sophisticated services and solutions.

All the “industrial-age” sales techniques feel a little like you have to sell your soul to make a sale.

But is that the way YOU want to sell?  Is that how YOU want YOUR business to be seen in the marketplace?

And does it deliver you the best clients to work with?

Do you want to push people down or lift them up?

Do you want to be just another merchant of fear, creating even more pressure on your prospects, or in 2024 do you want to be a purveyor of a more positive promise.

Instead of finding “victim clients”, do you want your marketing and sales strategies to help you find “hero clients” instead?

If you already know that “hero clients” buy faster, pay more and show greater appreciation, and if you’re looking for a unique approach to selling that automatically positions you as the Sage to your ideal hero client, then join us for this online keynote. 

Simon will be sharing an entirely different approach to selling that makes both the prospect and the salesperson feel safer in the process and allows the conversation about deep and profound value to emerge.

See you there.


“One of the best investments I made in my business in 2023 was to work with Simon Bowen of The Models Method. After over a decade of trying to figure out how to explain our complex coaching systems to clients, Simon cut through the noise and helped us clearly articulate our value and expertise. Simply sharing our early thinking of our Roundtable models with prospective clients immediately led to new business. I’m excited for members of the ISA community to learn more about how they can differentiate their offerings leveraging Simon’s unique approach.”

Glain Roberts-McCabe | Founder & President | The Roundtable