ISA Membership:

Bold Thinking.
Smart Growth.
Lifelong Connections.

Founded in 1978, ISA remains committed to helping training, performance and talent development firms build, enhance and share their success. Our membership includes more than 80 companies that are contributing to the success of more than 100,000 clients across the Fortune 500.




ISA Helps You Grow

Throughout the year, ISA creates a space for executives to discuss, connect, and learn from their colleagues and experts within the learning industry. Both in person and online, ISA members ask questions, share their knowledge, and engage in rich discussion of growing a business.

Our members form a trustworthy network, inspired by bold thinking and connected by a shared ambition. Success isn’t just about the bottom line; it’s also making a powerful contribution to their clients’ success.

That’s why we value our opportunities to gather together and grow – personally as well as professionally.

    Member Services

ISA is here to help you lead a more profitable business. We do it by delivering business and personal growth, providing industry data, and making life-long connections.

Annual Business Retreat

This 3-day retreat brings members together for provocative discussions and learning sessions focused on running a business, along with formal and informal opportunities for exchanging ideas.

C-Level Forums

Held 3 times a year, ISA members rave about these full-day sessions to problem solve into self-selected business challenges. Led by experienced group facilitators, small groups exchange insights and potential solutions about their individual issues.

ISA CEO’s / Presidents / Owners Meeting

Each year, just before the Annual Business Retreat, this invitation-only session for business owners, presidents, and CEO’s  explores challenges and opportunities from the top-level perspective.

ISA Like-Size Connections

Popular amongst members, expanded from the Annual Business Retreat, these virtual programs are held twice a year. Share and compare with members that have companies with similar annual revenue. These “idea exchanges” will challenge your perspective about growing your company and help you identify members experiencing a similar situation in real time.

ISA Webinars

ISA webinars keep the learning going all year long. These webinars of the training and talent development industry provide opportunities for timely discussions and remote mini-workshops on specific business needs as they arise. ISA webinars are ideal for other employees in your organization to learn.

            Industry Data & Connections

Research / Benchmarking / Best Practices

ISA commissions industry-specific studies including the annual Financial Benchmarking Study. This confidential member-exclusive study is the only one of its kind comparing business performance metrics. Additional studies are conducted based on member needs and market and industry trends.

ISA Awards

Each Year, ISA honors leaders who have significantly influenced work in the field of training, learning, and performance consulting. The ISA Awards allow members to celebrate and benefit from the innovative experiences, and achievements that are making a mark on our industry and contributing to the health and collective expertise of the association.

ISA NewsFlash

Periodic e-updates keep members up-to-date on member community, ISA programming, and the latest industry information.

Facilitated Connection

We make a point of encouraging member-to-member interactions through RAFT and private social media groups. ISA and our members commit to each other to be available to field member questions, and address specific member and industry issues.

ISA Membership Directory

Continually updated, ISA maintains a searchable online membership directory that is accessible to all members.

       ISA Value

Your BUSINESS Will Be Better

  • Timely industry knowledge and practices
  • Road-tested wisdom from thought leaders
  • Crowdsourced, research-backed and peer best practices that increase your organization’s impact and reach
  • Challenging conversations that provoke positive change
  • Proprietary benchmarketing and research
  • A unique and safe space to share, learn from and benefit from your competitors and partners
  • Practices that will help your organization grow more profitability and sustainably

You Will Be Better

  • A like-minded community of kindred spirits
  • Trusted mentorship that moves you forward
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Professional development designed specifically for business leaders, partners, and owners
  • An opportunity to step outside your everyday “bubble” and widen your view
  • Meaningful and enduring friendshipd
  • The confidence and support that comes with knowing you don’t have to go it alone!

Your CUSTOMERS and the WORLD OF WORK Will Be Better

As ISA members and their businesses grow and impprove, the impact we have on our customers and society becomes more substantial. Ultimately, ISA members are helping to create workplaces that are more humane, just, diverse, productive, and joyful!