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About ISA


Founded in 1978, ISA remains committed to helping training, performance and talent development firms build, enhance and share their success. Our membership includes more than 60 companies that are contributing to the success of more than 100,000 clients across the Fortune 500.

Bold Thinking. Smart Growth.

When it comes to finding a training firm that’s exceptionally committed
to your business, there is no shortcut.

Or is there?

ISA is a distinguished group of companies that lead the industry across the learning & development spectrum, all with a common commitment to growing their clients and supporting their business needs. They come together to learn from each other and find out what’s working and what’s not so their clients can reap the benefits. When you work with a company from ISA’s member list, you’re getting a partner with access to an unequaled collection of experience.

How ISA Helps You Grow

All through the year, ISA creates a safe place for disclosure and the opportunities for executives to connect, learn and apply the best practices of their colleagues and a carefully vetted resource network of external experts. Both in person and online, ISA members ask questions, share their knowledge and engage in rich discussion and the roll-up-your-sleeves work of growing a business and keeping it strong.

Our members form a trustworthy network, inspired by bold thinking and connected by a shared ambition.

Success isn’t just about the bottom line; it’s also about making a powerful contribution to their clients’ success. That’s why we value our opportunities to gather together and grow- personally as well as professionally.

In a world marked by chaos and unpredictability, finding the perspective, expertise and best practices to make your business stronger is one of the most important things you will do as a business leader. It’s no easy task, but ISA membership makes it easier.

Our members remain active year after year because they know ISA is where they can work on growing their businesses and stimulating new thinking. With exclusive business resources and expertise, year-long
learning and idea sharing, and a committed, trustworthy network of colleagues who bring diverse insights and backgrounds to the table, ISA puts it all together for you.

All you have to do is participate.

Meet our Fantastic Team

Deborah Molique

Managing Director

Hillary Stephens

Office & Accounting Manager

Erin Shoup

Administrative Coordinator

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ISA Board of Directors

Jeff Hayes, ISA BoD President
Past President & CEO, The Myers Briggs Co.

Dean Becker, ISA Vice President
CEO, Adaptive Learning Systems

Susan Driscoll, ISA Vice President
President, Crisis Prevention Institute

Steve Gielda, ISA Vice President
Principal, Ignite Selling, Inc.

Colin Hunter, ISA Vice President
CEO, Potential Squared Int’l.

Cheryl Cohen, ISA Vice President
CTO, Management Concepts

Tricia Naddaff, ISA Vice President
Pres, Management Research Group

Glain Roberts-McCabe, ISA Vice President
Founder/President, The Roundtable

Susan Smith, ISA Vice President
Partner, My Thinking Partners

Bill Treasurer, ISA Vice President
President, Giant Leap Consulting

Deborah Molique, ISA Managing Director
The Association of Learning Providers